Estate Planning

Personal injury law in Jewett City

Most of us will have an auto accident at some point in their lives. Most of us, if we're lucky, will grow old. What do those things have to do with Stuart R Norman Jr? They are situations where we can lend legal assistance should you need it. Call our office in Jewett City, CT for a personal injury law or elder law consultation today.
Senior couple meeting with agent

We stand up for those who can't

The elderly can be extremely vulnerable. Every day you hear some horror story about seniors being taken advantage of by scam artists, or mistreated in a nursing home. Stuart R Norman Jr can help protect your loved ones, and their assets, from people who may not have their best interests at heart. Learn more about elder law. 

Let your wishes be known 

A person who dies without a will is known as "intestate," and that is a bad state to be in! That means that the deceased person's assets will be distributed according to state law, after a long, drawn-out process known as probate. Who needs it? Writing a will isn't as complicated or as expensive as you think. Call Stuart R Norman Jr today!

Zoning demystified 

It's your property. You can do whatever you want on it, right? Not necessarily. Local zoning laws may prohibit you from building a fence past a certain height, operating a home-based business out of it, or even parking a trailer in front of your house! Get the facts about zoning laws in your area. Call Stuart R Norman Jr today! 
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