Real Estate Law

Real estate law in Jewett City

You have a great idea for a business, and the best part? It's something you can do at home! Before you go full steam ahead with your plans, you'd better make sure your area is zoned for both residential and business use. Call Stuart R Norman Jr. Since 1974, we've been Jewett City, CT's go-to attorney for anything related to real estate law.
Estate planning

Good advice when you need it most

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Any real estate transaction, whether it's adding another hundred square feet to your existing property, or converting a derelict warehouse into a hot night club, requires care and diligence. Stuart R Norman Jr is a real estate law specialist who can help ensure that your purchase, sale or transfer goes off without a hitch!

When the going gets weird, turn to the pros

Being a home or business owner - or both - can get interesting. Converting a residential property into a commercial one, landlord/tenant disputes, or liability for repairs or code compliance are areas some attorneys just won't go. Not Stuart R Norman Jr. After 40 years in real estate law, we can honestly say nothing's shocking! 

Be it ever so humble, you have an estate

If you think estate planning is just for the upper echelons of society, think again. Money in the bank or property in your name constitutes an estate. Do you want the state to decide who gets what upon your demise? If not, call us for an estate law consultation. Don't leave your loved ones hanging. 
Need help with your will? We are here for you.
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